Our Mission

Our accurate, relatable and accessible information will deliver learning, support and connection. This will ensure safety & support for people who use drugs, right across the world.

About Bluelight

Bluelight has been at the forefront of harm reduction in the global drug use community since 1999. Best known for our online forum, we provide people who use drugs a safe space to share, explore and receive relevant information, all aimed at reducing harm through drug use.

Our forum and online platforms are formed of a broad mix of individuals all with varying drug related experiences. Our long-standing history brings an extensive archive of information, insights and supportive groups.

Unlike many harm reduction organizations, we openly welcome collaboration with research organizations. These partnerships provide an opportunity for our community to inform and participate in research that further supports people who use drugs, provides better recovery options, and provides real world insights about drug use.

Bluelight has partnered with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) since 2013. MAPS is our fiscal sponsor, which allows us to collect tax deductible donations in the US. In 2023, the Australian charity Bluelight Communities Ltd was formed. This charity now governs Bluelight’s activities, ensuring security for our ongoing operations and future endeavors.



We are strongly against stigma. We ensure our actions, messages, threads, ideas and support are as inclusive and respectful as possible.


We are a community-led organization. We listen to, respect and serve our community.


As an organization and a broader user community, we are focused on the information and ideas shared being useful and accurate. This is amplified by the research partnerships we support.


As a leader in the harm reduction space, we are responsible for setting the standard of care for how information is shared and how support is ensured.

Bluelight Story

Bluelight.org has been a non-profit organization since its inception in 1999. It was founded as an international online harm-reduction community, focused on community chat format via online forums.

As organizational leaders and forum admins have come and gone the mission has remained clear and true. Bluelight provides a haven for those lost and in need of information and has established a long-standing community of people who use drugs (past and present) helping one another, compiling both anecdotal and hard facts related to drug use, the dangers, and how to approach drug use as safely as possible while not judging the people involved.

This community has thrived for over two decades, staying online financially through the generosity of a private donor initially, then upon his passing via donations from researchers who want access to our community. This has allowed us to work in collaboration to generate new knowledge, both at the experiential and academic levels. To date, these researchers have been in many parts of the world, mirroring the global reach of our community itself. Our community and the research we support are centered in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, and Australia.

Since its inception, Bluelight has been built by its members, with the information they share to help one another and the community we have all grown together to support each other. It always has been, and always will be the community that makes Bluelight what it is.

Join the Bluelight community

Bluelight is entirely member led, ensuring that focus never strays from the altruistic foundation that is about nurturing open and supportive communities among members from right across the globe.